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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The philosophy of the Utah Strength & Conditioning staff is paramount to our daily approach to training the student-athletes. Each area of strength and conditioning has an associated philosophical point of basis. These areas are strength training, speed development, flexibility, nutrition, mental toughness, conditioning, injury prevention and motivation.

Strength Training

The idea is centered on accelerating quicker than our opponent. We will do this by concentrating on quick and explosive lifts, combined with quick and explosive agility, sprint and plyometric drills.

Speed Development

Each running session will include acceleration drills more than any other drills. The most important aspect of speed development is the athlete must work at maximal effort in each and every drill.


It is a traditional part of every strength and conditioning program. When the athlete is not able to put a body joint through the proper range of motion, it can affect performance in various ways.

Mental Toughness

These weight training or conditioning sessions push the body way beyond comfort levels, and in some cases, to utter exhaustion. This allows the student-athlete to develop capacity to push through barriers created by pain and fatigue.


Conditioning is best obtained by working the energy system with volume. Conditioning should be cycled with light, medium and heavy days to avoid over-training. Recovery is often better than work.

Injury Prevention

The Utah athlete will be expected to work harder than anyone else when he/she is injured. We will work with the athletic training staff to coordinate efforts to bring the athlete back to the playing field as quickly as possible.


We will coach in a very positive manner, always reinforcing our belief in an athlete as a champion in the making. No one out-works, out-hustles or has more ability than a Utah student athlete.

Strength and Conditioning Staff